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Founded in 2016 in London, We started our business with a small investment, a collection of suit jackets, and a desire to offer sustainable and affordable fashion to everyone. Our business began with humble beginnings with our two directors starting off alone in a small corner of a 500 sq./ft warehouse. Yet it didn’t take long before our business began to rapidly grow. The company shifted from specializing in suit jackets and became known as Thrift Factory to reflect the wide diversity of clothing we now sell. Through our research into the fast-fashion industry and its damaging effects on the environment, we became determined to make a difference. With our combined skill sets and unique business model, we set ourselves up for the oncoming circular fashion revolution. Our excellent pricing, warehousing, listing and distribution services have allowed the business to expand exponentially. The company took on its first employee in 2015 and we have since expanded to a work force of 50 employees. Through tireless hard work and the dedication of our employees, we have upgraded our operations several times to adapt to the rapid expansion of our business. We now have 85,000 sq./ft of warehousing across two sites for our stock. With over 400,000 items available for sale we are by far the largest second-hand clothing retailer in the United Kingdom! It is not only quantity that we excel at but quality too! We have over 100,000 positive reviews, a 99.9% positive feedback score on eBay and we’re one of eBay’s top sellers! You can shop with Preworn with complete confidence. We put proof to the fact that it doesn’t have to be new to be amazing! All of our clothing goes through two quality control inspections to make sure our customers are happy with their purchases. Shopping with Thrift Factory is both kind to your wallet and the planet!

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We partner with some of the UK’s largest charities providing finance and support for many individuals. If you’re a charity, sustainable brand or clothing retailer we’d love to hear from you.

This is just the beginning of our journey.

We are pioneering the sustainable and circular fashion industry. The second-hand clothing industry is expected to more than double in the next 10 years and thousands of people every day are making the conscious decision to buy Thrift Factory over new. Fast-fashion cannot continue its unsustainable practices. We will always be at hand to offer sustainable and affordable second-hand fashion to everyone. We have come a long way but have a lot further to go in leading the circular fashion revolution.