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Our Mission is to help clean up the fashion industry

We are making sustainable fashion affordable and accessible for everyone! Through buying second-hand clothing you immediately reduce your carbon footprint and help in the fight against climate change!

Why is this important?

The scientific research over the last four decades is irrefutable.
We must slow down climate change in the next 10 years otherwise we could face irreversible damage to our natural world

20,000 liters of fresh water is used to make a cotton t-shirt and a pair of jeans. This is enough water for one person to live on for 27 years!

85% of plastic in the ocean is due to micro-fibers from synthetic clothing.

In 2017, 83% of all tap water samples around the world contained microfibers from clothing.

Each year, 2.77 trillion liters of fresh water is contaminated by the fabric dying industry.

The fashion industry is responsible for over 10% of the worlds entire carbon footprint and this is due to exceed 25% by 2050.

1.3 billion tones of carbon emissions are produced every year in manufacturing new clothing.

Nitrous Oxide emitted from cheap synthetic material are 300 times more damaging than CO2.

Almost 70 million barrels of oil are used each year to make polyester.

Over 70 million trees are logged each year to make fibers such as rayon, viscose, modal and lyocell.

Over 90% of cotton grown is genetically modified and its production is responsible for 25% of total insecticide use and 18% of pesticide use.

Cotton farmers are forced into unsustainable and dangerous practices by the fast-fashion industry leading to ill health and debt.

40% of all of the new clothing that is purchased in the United Kingdom is rarely or never worn.

Approximately 12 million tones of clothing ends up in landfill globally each year!

Global landfill waste would bury a football pitch 6 feet deep in clothing every single hour.

A polyester jumper takes up to 200 years to break down and a pair of shoes up to 1,000 years.

85% of clothing that ends up in landfill could be reworn or reloved.

That’s where we come in!

By pioneering the sustainable and circular fashion industry, we can reduce the impact of each garment by giving it a new home and a fresh future.

We buy second-hand clothing in bulk from a range of major UK suppliers. At Thrift Factory we are giving you the widest possible choice of high-quality second-hand clothing in the United Kingdom.

Rigorous quality control checks are undertaken by our sorting department and our listing team. We have a bespoke listing process and a team of expert product listers who list over 4,000 items every day! We sell online, keeping our prices low and affordable, to ensure that everyone has access to sustainable fashion. We have various waste streams for unsaleable or unusable items if they don’t pass our quality checks. None of our waste clothing goes to landfill or incineration, we work hard to find every solution to make our world cleaner and more sustainable.

Our vision is to inspire a generation of people to buy form Thrift Factory over new so we can play a big part in preserving our natural planet. This is not an aspiration written on a piece of paper but a strong decisive plan and a course of action to help everyone lead a more sustainable lifestyle.
Thrift Factory benefits charities, the environment, and thousands of people just like you.
Join us in making a difference.
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Thrift Factory benefits charities, the environment, and thousands of people just like you.

Join us in making a difference.

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